Friday, October 30, 2015

The bikes I find come from a variety of places. I find most through the bike shop or after hours of sitting and looking at the net, but sometimes, my friends send them to me. One day, I was at an auction when my buddy, Joe, sent me an ad from the internet about an old FLH Shovel Head. This was right up my alley and I called right away. That night, I loaded up my truck, trailer, and wife and headed for Westland to check out the old scoot. When I got there, I found more than just an “old FLH” it was a Hot Rod Shovel. This bike had dual fire heads, outside oilers, a 5 speed trans and a pro-clutch that put all the power to the ground. I couldn’t wait to get this thing home! The seller, Mike, had gotten the bike from a friend 10 years ago. He had ridden it around for a few years, but had gotten out of it because the bike needed some fixing up. He said he was selling because he didn’t know anything about motorcycles. He was a car guy. The old girl ran great. It lit the tire up like it was nothing, but it was an ugly old bike. I scored it for $3200. Try as we may to make it look better, it was smarter to just take the whole bike apart. I was able to sell most of the parts before Josh could even start in on it. I sold the frame, fenders, gas tanks, fender struts, battery box, and oil tank for $1500. We threw the rest of the bike online and are currently selling off the pieces. That day wasn’t over. By the time I got back to the shop, Michelle already had a lead on another Shovel for me. A guy named James had come into the store to buy some parts for his Roadking and got to talking with Michelle. They were talking about old Shovels and she told him that we are always looking to buy them. James told her about a good looking, stock FXE that he wanted to sell. James lived down in Inkster. He was a classic biker with tons of cool old photos of rallies he had gone to and bikes he had owned over the years. After looking at them, I realized that I had run into James at some biker events over the years, but I had never really talked to him before. It’s a small biker world. James had three Shovels and one twin cam at his house. I had to ask, “How’d did you end up with a twin cam?” To which he replied with a grin, “The old lady bought it for me. The down side is I had to marry her!” As the beers and tequila flowed, he mentioned more and more parts for sale. He had so many different pieces of bikes for sale: brakes, tires, frames, clutches; anything you could think of. James said if any of his buddies’ bikes went down, they would all get together and someone would have the right part to get it back on the road. He had a really cool network of Inkster bikers. James didn’t really want to sell his parts and the bike together, but we just kept talking and I ended up getting the parts too. Josh didn’t waste any time getting the bike up for sale. He shot the bike and threw it right on the interweb and got it sold. The bike is currently on its way to Denmark! (Sorry, I cannot disclose price)
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