Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Venturos BBQ

It was a Saturday afternoon, the summer was winding down. I had realized that we have worked way too much and not partying enough, so I decided to get the band back together. I told Josh to give stitch a call, and I called my old buddy terry (I.G. @peckerhead). Josh asked “where we heading uncle Boomer”?? I said “we are heading to the 3nd annual Venturos BBQ at the Velodrome in Detroit”. On a side note let me give you a little history about the Venturos and the Velodrome. The Venturos is a family of young dudes that truly enjoy living the biker life style; they awake everyday to either a hangover or a broken Harley. Whatever the case may be, the outcome is always the same; they always have a great time. Now the Velodrome was built back in the mid sixties, it was finished in 69 during the Detroit riots’. It was made to help people train for the Olympics. It was closed in the early 90’s and lost for over 10 years until the Detroit mower gang found it and cleaned it up. Since then people have used it for parties and a cool place to hang out at. Now with the mixture of the Venturos and Velodrome this is how the 3nd annual BBQ went. We enter off outer drive on a little dirt trail that lead to the Velodrome, to my surprise it was only 6pm and there was a lot of people already there. When we pulled it was like a 70’s bike movie. We were showered with beer as we pulled it, bikes were racing around the track, you could smell hot dogs on the grill, and choppers and bobbers filled the park. We got off our bikes and it was like a family reunion, we got such a great welcome. And as the next group pulled, they got the same treatment. The Venturos had a little booth set up, selling beer and hot dogs for just a buck. They were not there to make money, but to make sure everyone had a great time; they had all kinds of door prizes and give a ways. The party was in high gear when the Detroit police pulled in. What was so cool is that they were happy to see people having a great time at the park and said carry on! As the night went on more and more people showed up for as far away as Illinois and Canada, with the power of social media, word about the party got around. People raced around the Velodrome, some did better there others. By the end of the nights there were well over 200 bikes that came and went. All in all it was a great BBQ, party and one hell of a bike show/ thrill show; family reunion. The Venturos was like to give a big shout out to Alex (@strange_cycle) Dick (@Rule_So_Hard) , Jake (@Amosworthpaint), Terry (@peckerheads), Boomers Bike Shop for the event T-shirts, the D.P.D for letting them do their thing, and everyone that bought a shirt or raffle ticket, or donated in any way.
As for me and the band we rode till 4am enjoying all Detroit had to offer.
Don’t worry Boomer kept me up till 4 am drinking and riding and still made me get up at 7am, he heard a guy was selling a EVO chopper and some Shovelhead parts. Check it out in the next issue.
Love, Josh