Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sportsman Run 2013

This year the sportsman run didn't have the best weather, as we have had in years past. But that didn't stop people from coming out and riding with us. I sure the steak dinner at the end of it helped out too. I didn't get to take many picture but Bobby Stanly did.( thanks Bobby!!!! Great shots!!) We left the shop at about 11:30 am and it wasn't long before the rain hit. But all in all it was a great day with a lot of friends. Thanks for everyone that came out!!!!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Movie Time

Check out this cool video by Empire of Rust. Our buddy Terry met this man while on the road out to Born Free 5.

Empire of Rust - Ride from Fort Lauderdale to California from Adi R. Videos on Vimeo.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hood Bush 2013

If your out in Milwaukee this weekend, check out hood bush. It looks like a good biker party with camping and all! Dusty is a cool guy over there that puts on a hell of a party! Boomers Bike Shop is happy to be a sponsor this year!

Monday, July 22, 2013

McPete Run 2013

Yesterday was the McPete Run. Pete owns a McDonald's in our town, and every year he does a run to raise money for the Ronald McDonalds house of Detroit. It is a great cause. We as a shop, sponsor the ride every year, and like every run we go on we made our own route as we went. Boomer never likes going off the map. This year we had a ton of people ride with us. I think about 60. It was cool to see that many people come out and ride with my uncle. As we rode Boomer, with his wife sandy next to him leading the way, would point at which road to block as the group roared down the road. we never stopped at one light. We rode all the way up to Fostoria, Michigan. Boomer and his follower, lined the streets with our bikes. It looked like something out of a 70's Biker B movie. As we all hung out at the local bar, a guy from the local cycle club walk in and invited us to have a beer at his club which was two buildings down. Very cool place and I wish I could of got more pictures if it. The Tribesmen were awesome guys and I hope we can go hang with them again, I know they are always welcome at our shop. Boomer being who is, in the middle of all this finds a 59 Panhead for sale. Never a surprise, that guy can smell a deal from a mile away. The day ended at our bar, back in Waterford. Boomer help Pete raise a little more money and every one had fun. Couldn't think of a better way to spend a Sunday.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

1961 T-bird

Jeff hill of hill's Hot Rods, Got Boomer's T-Bird up and running. She looks so good now. It was a labor of love that got this car back on the road. Boomers Wallet and Jeff's time.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Vintage Finds

On Sunday Boomer, Sandy and myself, loaded in the shop van and headed out to the east coast of Michigan, to check out some bikes. A very nice lady named, Lucy, had called Boomer and told him about some bikes she came into. Well Boomer being who he is, thought it would be a nice outing for his family and maybe make some money as well. The day started out ok, I lost a dealer plate and was half asleep form being at the bar all night (good times lol). Boomer drove Sandy and I out there to pick up four bikes. When we got there, I finally woke up and was stoked!!! A kick ass 53 Pan, 80 FXE shovel, one of the prettiest Ironheads I had ever seen, and a 72 FL Shovelhead that was on a lift being made in to a crazy FL with a 103 Shovel and a Baker 6 into a 4 speed case. Lucy told us her brother had passed and he loved racing and Harleys. He had a great collection of bikes and she wanted them to go to someone that would love them as much as he had. We loaded up the FL, Ironhead. Sandy jump on the FXE and I on the pan. We hit the road. We didn't get far be for we hit a wall of rain, it was fun considering I forgot my helmet in my haze that morning. But we rode on always, as real bikers had done before us on these old bike. Riding something that was made in 1953 though rain and though cities, gave me a cool feeling of being in a different time. A simpler time, easy going, were your word was all you had and you kept it no matter what. We rode for over an hour before getting them home. It was a blast!

Hood Bush 2013

I heard about this run last year thought it looked sweet. It looked like old biker party's I seen in old Easy Riders my uncle had laying around the shop. When I seen they were looking for sponsors I knew boomer would be just as amp'd as I was to get in to it. If your out that way I say go check it out!!!!

HOOD BUSH: clean up crew from Luke Mouradian on Vimeo.