Friday, October 30, 2015

Ride old Bike, build old bikes!

Ride old Sh@t; build old Sh$t!! Nothing compares to the soul of an old motorcycle. Old Harley’s have a look and sound that is unlike any other bike in the world. It doesn’t matter where I’m at, any bike night, or any bagger show; when I pull in on an old bike like a shovel, people will come up to me asking all kinds of questions. I find even Evo’s are getting harder to find parts for at the swap meets. Maybe it’s because they don’t break down like the Shovels, or maybe people are just holding on to them. I think the Evo is the last great motor Harley ever put out. Don’t get me wrong, Twin Cams make great power and I know a lot of people that love them, but they are just not for me. Recently, a local Harley Davidson dealer, called me about buying some old bikes they had. I know you must be thinking, “Boomer you just said you don’t like Twin Cams,” but not all bikes at the dealership are TC, sometimes dealers buy old bikes too. Sometimes, they have rare finds like Grandpa’s mint FXR that he turned in because he wanted a brand new Street Glide and Harley dealers everywhere are happy to help. My friend from the dealership, JJ, called me saying the dealership wanted to clean out some older used bikes they had. That Sunday, I loaded up Josh and my wife, Sandy, in my van and off we went. They were just opening up when we arrived. They were rolling a bunch of bikes out front. JJ was there waiting. He showed us all around. Man, they had some nice bikes for sale! The bikes we went to see were in a different warehouse. We jumped in JJ’s car and headed down the road to another warehouse. There was a sea of bikes to look at. The first bike we looked at was a beautiful, 1995 Dyna Low Rider. It looked as though it had just been pushed off the show room floor. I had never seen one so clean and untouched. They had a lot of early EVO’s, some even had 4 speed kickers!! They had great a looking FXR sitting in the back, it was mint. So many bikes that would make great chopper projects or builds all in one building; ready for someone to come by and pick them up. In total we considered 9 bikes that day. I am still working out a price for them but keep an eye on our Instagram or Blog. We may be having a big Harley sale in the near future. Going home empty handed but not out of ideas, I called my internet connection Shovelhead Joe (he surfs the interweb for me). I said “hey Joe I came up cold at the dealer ship, got any hot leads for me? Joe replied “I got the perfect bike for winter!” Well we do live in Michigan where it gets cold a lot. Josh was spending some vacation time in Northern Michigan with his gal. I had promised that I would leave him alone, which lasted all of 24 hours. The bike my buddy, Joe, found was not far from where Josh was. With a little bargaining, I got Josh to stop and take a look at the bike. It was a vintage AMA Ice Racing Ironhead with a hardtail. The tires were cut to run on ice, it had a custom seat for ice racing, and it even had a side hack! Later that week when Josh got home, I left to go buy the bike. When I got to the house, I found out Mike, the owner of ice bike, also had a cool dirt drag bike he had built. This thing had a long swing arm, dirt bike tires, a hopped up EVO and a 4 speed trans to back it up. I could not get him to sell the dirt drag bike along with the ice bike but I got him to throw in a nice parts stash he had collected for the Ironhead. With a trailer full of parts and the ice bike, I headed for home with ideas of Josh and me running around the lakes… On second thought, maybe I should sell this damn thing before Josh gets hurt and wants a day off! (If you are ever interested in any bike we have, please call the shop!)

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