Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Search

I look at a ton of bikes in the search of cool old Harleys, but not every bike I look at is a 10. Like a bad night out at the bar, you see some bikes that you would cut your arm off to get away from, you don’t want wake it up, you just want to get out of there. So how bad can a 10 second drag bike look? I got a call from Uncle Joe, I grab josh one morning and headed north. Uncle Joe lived way out in the country about an hour from us. As I was looking for the house Josh look up and said “Man that looks like a old bikers house!” the house was a bit run down and there was trash all over. A 73 Chevy pickup truck was in the drive way, and a falling down fence was next to the garage. Low and behold that was the house I was looking for. I sent Josh to the door; I was already not really impressed; nothing seem to jump out at me. The truck was hit on the front end and the yard was a mess. Josh knocked on the door and…no answer. I yelled from the car knock again! Well that second time did the trick, Uncle Joe slowly opened the door with no shirt on, and Josh said no pants either. Josh explained why we were here and Joe just said “I’ll see ya in the garage” shutting the door behind him. Now it was at this point josh was getting a bit frustrated, but I just kept telling him “hey it’s a 10 second drag bike.” Joe Opened the garage door and started to roll bikes out of his garage. The first was a custom Goldwing that didn’t look bad at all, the next bike was the drag bike. I had walked back to my car so I didn’t see the bike until it was out in the day light. Truth be told I don’t think seeing it in the dark would of helped any. The bike had a car wheel on the back, a frame that look as if any metal that was laying around Joes house was used to make the bike. The front end was a Honda 450 front end, according to Joe. It had a huge dresser seat mount to a spring system and another solo seat mounted on the rear fender. The air filter was squished down, so I asked Joe “was the bike laid over?” Uncle Joe looked at me and said “no it’s so my leg will fit.’ Everything Joe had told me on the phone was hard to see, “it’s a 10 second bike” and “it does wheels from there to here.” Well where is there to here? Needless to say I passed on this one but if anyone out there is looking for a 10 second drag bike, I can send you out to Uncle Joes house, and all it will cost you is $4000.00. Joe was nice a guys a little out there but hey I think we are all a little out there to love riding something that can kill us in a min. But the wind in my hair and the sun on my back will always give me a sense of freedom that I just can’t live without. Even though that didn’t work out I had a guy bring me down a shovelhead from Clair Mi. He had taken apart a shovelhead to build a chopper, but he fell on hard time. Adam had read about me in the mag, how I am always buying shovelheads! I was happy to help. Adam gave me a great deal on the parts, and I think I made a new friend. Not every bike I look at is a ten but most of the time I do ok but that’s the name of the game, if it was easy everyone would do it.

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