Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Enjoy the ride

Sometimes the ride is better than the parts you find. Jamming down the road in an old van, the summer wind flying in with the windows down; it’s a beautiful thing. Seth from Disorder Studio, got a hold of me, he said he had some parts for sale. You know me I love hunting for parts and bikes. I never seem to take a day off and that is because I really do love what I do. I also love the ride, seeing new placing, meeting new people (It’s amazing feeling when people email from across the world and I can talk to them hi Rusty!!). As much as I live to be on 2 wheels I still love riding in my van with Josh making jokes and seeing the landscape. Seth’s shop was about two hours from me, I grab Josh and we hit the road! (Yes we were in the old van). His house was down a long dirt road, I should mention I never met Seth before this so I didn’t really know what to expect. As we drove up the drive, there sat a cool black van, and an old barn. Seth and his buddy Jim met us out front we talked for a while about bikes and what not; Seth led us into his shop which was filled with motorcycle and old Harley poster and pictures everywhere. Man it was cool. Seth loved to fabricate, he was working one a few bikes, building custom parts for them and one bad ass frame. We talked for a while more about projects he had going on. As we talked I lost track of time, as always I had something going on back home, Josh and I picked though the parts Seth had laid out, unfortunately most of the stuff was metric bike stuff that I don’t normally buy. Most of the time I would take the good with the bad but I just didn’t feel like making Josh lift all of that stuff into the van. We bought a bunch of parts and by the time we were done pricing out all the parts we wanted, we would have just been better off to of bought the whole lot instead of piecing it out one by one. As this may have been a bad business decision I didn’t mind it so much we got some good parts to sell and Seth gave us a nice deal on the stuff, best of all it was a nice drive down a back road and I got to meet some cool dudes! It always worth a drive out to see what a guys got, maybe it’s the old trucker in me but I love hitting the wide open road, especially when there is a motorcycle at the end of it. Hey guys I know this was a little short, we haven’t bought some cool old machines in a while, so I got on the phone and called my buddy Stubbs. You may remember him I bought all his parts out of his house and an airport hangar. It took us two trips and most of the day to get everything, by the time it was all done we had so many parts, I didn’t even want to bother to unload them I took two vans and two trailers to Wauseon to sell. Now here’s the kicker did you catch the part where I said he had an attic, that’s right, an attic with 8 vintage and rare Shovelhead and EVO model bikes. Now did I get your attention? Stay tune for next month issue so I can tell you how this tall tale unravels……

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