Friday, September 16, 2016


I’ll always be faithful and keep her till the end of time; God knows I’ll always love that old panhead of mine! A few weeks ago I was making my rounds; getting errand’s done while Josh was picking up a bike. I’ve been moving the last few weeks. I had ran out to my old house to pick up a few things, when I got a phone call from a guy named John. He was an over the road truck driver, I had call John the day before asking about a bike he had for sale. John asked “how’d you hear I had a bike for sale, I haven’t told but a few people that I was selling it.” I replied “John I have friends all over, and I come with cash”. As we talked John told me that he was over the road but his mother could sign his name if I got there in the next hour. The house was about an hour from me. I hung up the phone and dropped my old Dodge into gear (not thinking that I’m in a lifted Dodge, with no straps or ramps and I’m all of 5ft tall.) No matter I was too excited to think. I arrived at the house, John’s mother and step dad, Mary and Dave; met me. The bike was a 56’ panhead chopper. Dave kept going on how the bike was a P.O.S. and how no one wanted this old junk any more. Talking with him, Dave told me how he bought late model Sportsters and took them back to stock. Selling off the aftermarket parts on Facebook then selling the whole bike in stock form. I was thinking in my head what a market, never in my wildest dreams would I think of selling a bike like that (Josh I have an idea!!!). The Pan was old, the motor was a 1956 with OEM 56 heads, Cases were in perfect shape and the bike was still running a 6v system. The frame was almost perfect, only one side car loop was cut; but that is an easy fix. It had 6 over tubes in it with raked fork cups, but the neck was un-cut. Dave had nothing good to say about this bike and I can understand why, He liked those newer Sportsters and that cool. Loading the bike was a challenge. Lucky there was a nice hill nearby where I could push the bike and with the help of an old 2x4 we got that bike loaded up no problem. I got to talk with Mary and asked her why was John was selling this old scoot? Mary told me that he wanted a brand new bike, one he could jump on and go. She also told me how they got this bike. That pan had been Mary’s father bike; He loved it more than anything. That bike never went without anything. Mary got put on the side line a lot that drove Dave nuts. One day Mary’s Dad showed up at the house and dropped the pan off, told Mary that the bike was now hers and then left. They haven’t talk since; Mary couldn’t ride it so she gave it to her son John. I called Josh and told him to meet me at my Bar. When I pulled in He was waiting along with Shovelhead Joe too, and when I pulled up Josh started jumping up and down. Josh has panhead dreams with an Ironhead Budget. Once Josh calmed down, he and Joe helped me unload it. I couldn’t wait to ride it we got that old bike fired up and started riding around the parking lot. We all took a turn, Josh was begging me to let him buy it off me, but I kindly reminded Josh that he does have a wedding to pay for (June 18th 2016). We all sat out in that parking lot for hours riding the pan and just talking how cool we thought it was. It was a warm summers afternoon, just right for some cold beers and a panhead!!
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