Monday, February 1, 2016

Wauseon swap meet!

Hot, Rainy, and vintage motorcycle parts! All things that were at this years Wauseon swap meet! We worked for days packing the truck and trailer. Everything was going great except I forgot I planned a big party the night before at my bar. Jack Daniels was sponsoring it so, you can imagine how Josh and I were feeling the next day. I don’t think he ever went to bed, I know I didn’t. That didn’t stop us! The ride down was wet, hot and sticky. I was driving my 1980 custom van which has no ac. In addition to no ac my super cool van has tons of velvet and shag carpet; my personal hell!!! We drove just over 2 hours to find the sleepy town of Wauseon was alive! I found our spots in the back row. I guided Josh into our spots and the trailer got stuck in the mud!! The fairgrounds had flooded just before we got there. It took us an hour to get the trailer un-stuck and by that time we had done a number on our booth. Our spots looked like a mud bog just let out. Lucky we had some cut down plywood sheets, so we laid some out so we could walk over the all the mud. We worked all afternoon setting up the booth laying out each part and placing them where we thought they might be noticed best. The sun was high the sky that afternoon we were selling a ton of stuff! I ended up selling that UL motor and trans. I called back to the shop and had Michelle send Don to the swap with more wood and tons of ice. By the time Don and little Don, got down to us Josh and I had what was left of the parts spread out. Later that night they had scheduled the flat track races, I took the boys to the races. Little Don had never seen anything like that before and he loved it! The races were going great until a racer fell and hurt himself. While we were waiting for them to clear the track, a rain storm came in and washed the track away. That was it, they shut it down. Night fell so we cooked hot dogs over a small fire, talking about how we would go out and meet up with some friends but the sun had done its job and we were all ready for bed. Josh and I headed for the custom van. You wouldn’t believe how hot the inside of a van, full of shag carpet would be on a 90 degree summer night. The seventh layer of hell might have come close! So after sleeping maybe an hour, I peeled myself off of the crushed velvet bed and got Josh up. We fired up an old shovelhead up we had bought, and headed for the showers. Now I was not in a right state of mind and didn’t think about how I was in my bright red underwear, with a young guy on the back of my motorcycle wearing only pants nothing else. How might that look to someone just waking up, to see us go by? We got breakfast and worked the booth until another rain storm came in and washed away our booth. That was it! I told the boys to clean up I’ve had enough! The ride home was a long one I was tired and kind of mad that the weekend hadn’t gone the way I wanted. As I was collecting my thoughts, I looked in my rear view mirror only to see Josh driving the SWAT van with the biggest cowboy hat on that I had ever seen (what’s wrong with that kid?). That made my day and got me thinking how it wasn’t so bad. We made some money, got to see a lot of old friends, and tons of cool stuff. Wauseon you can bet I will be there next year and for any one reading this you should make it a point to get out there and see it. Ok gang I’m pulling the velvet hell into a Waffle House for some good food, and then make my way back to the Bike Shop to get ready for the next adventures

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