Thursday, February 20, 2014

Whats in the barn?

We get a lot of customers that come thought the shop, and boomer always ask if they have any old parts for sale. Steve was no different. So after asking him for the 100th time, Steve finally come on out to the barn. So one night after Boomer and I closed the shop, we jumped the in the van and head for Steve's. What we though would be an easy trip turned in to a drive thought the wood. Steve had a 100 acres of land with a house and barn right in the middle of it all. after the track though the woods we made it to the barn. Steve had 7 bikes in different stages inside his barn. Very cool to see, so after a beer or two boomer mad e a deal and some how I loaded all the parts with my aunt and girlfriend. All in all a cool way to spend a Wednesday night. So always ask "what's in the barn"

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