Wednesday, January 22, 2014

FLH Clean Up

We've had this bone stock 1972 FLH shovelhead, that we have been trying to sell with no luck. So one night I decided to make something out of it. I striped it all down, and made into what I though was cool, with the parts I had on hand. Not to crazy just striped down, with a lower shocks and a 21' front wheel. It sells right any online, and of course John, the guy who bought the bike, he wanted it more stock. So one more late night and this bike was ready to ship out in the morning. The weather was prefect to load a bike, and by prefect I mean 18 degs and it was snowing. But all in all the shovel went to a super cool guy and I hope its a great bike for him. Here's some before and after pictures, and a picture of us loading it up today.

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