Monday, July 22, 2013

McPete Run 2013

Yesterday was the McPete Run. Pete owns a McDonald's in our town, and every year he does a run to raise money for the Ronald McDonalds house of Detroit. It is a great cause. We as a shop, sponsor the ride every year, and like every run we go on we made our own route as we went. Boomer never likes going off the map. This year we had a ton of people ride with us. I think about 60. It was cool to see that many people come out and ride with my uncle. As we rode Boomer, with his wife sandy next to him leading the way, would point at which road to block as the group roared down the road. we never stopped at one light. We rode all the way up to Fostoria, Michigan. Boomer and his follower, lined the streets with our bikes. It looked like something out of a 70's Biker B movie. As we all hung out at the local bar, a guy from the local cycle club walk in and invited us to have a beer at his club which was two buildings down. Very cool place and I wish I could of got more pictures if it. The Tribesmen were awesome guys and I hope we can go hang with them again, I know they are always welcome at our shop. Boomer being who is, in the middle of all this finds a 59 Panhead for sale. Never a surprise, that guy can smell a deal from a mile away. The day ended at our bar, back in Waterford. Boomer help Pete raise a little more money and every one had fun. Couldn't think of a better way to spend a Sunday.

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