Saturday, March 2, 2013

A blast from the past.

You just never know were you will find a old panhead. Today we found this beauty less then 4 miles from the shop. 8-ball, an old biker, called and asked if we wanted to buy his pan. Well Boomers been after it for years, so we ran out the door. This chopper started its life back in 69' and was finished in 73' down in DaytonA Beach. 8-ball had worked on this beauty, making almost everything by his own hands. Pontiac Motors was nice enough to chrome most of the parts on the bike, and as 8-ball put it "its the worlds best chrome". Gotta love the big 3, I think they have been helping build choppers for years. 8-ball loved this bike and it was very cool he gave us the opportunity to own it. I can already see Boomer riding down Dixie, jamming gears, and me buging him to ride it.

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