Friday, January 18, 2013

Santa's Slay

Well this was a project we started quietly, and our buddy Jeff Hill got the job done right, and fast, in fact it only took Jeff and his friends 11 days from start to finish. What project you ask? Well this is project Santa's Slay. This is a good one for winter and here we love anything that isn't stock, so Jeff along with buddy's Steve Cook, Muffler Man Derek and Boomer’s wallet took a broke down 1994 GMC Suburban, and turned it in to a beautiful lifted truck. Along with the 6" Rough Country suspension lift, Jeff fixed the body and repainted the whole truck. Jeff installed a new sound system and also tinted the all the front windows for a stealthy look. New wheel flairs, new head light, running lights, bug guard, and running boards with also put on. All in all this Suburban goes though the snow faster the St. Nick's slay ever could, and Boomer hasn't gotten out of it since he got it. This is how you take a $500.00 GMC and turn it into a $6500.00 dollar truck.

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